50 Faces – An exhibition of 50 portraits from the Holy Land @Clifton Cathedral

Tied in with the fifty years of the situation in the Holy Land, the International affairs department (chaired by Bishop Declan) has facilitated an exhibition reflecting fifty faces marking fifty years. Coming from so many parts of the Holy Land, the exhibition radiates the people that make up the community of the Holy Land. This exhibition will be hosted by Clifton Cathedral from Wednesday 29th November for one week.

An exhibition of 50 portraits promoting the common humanity of people living in Israel, Gaza and the Occupied Territories.
Their faces tell stories of conflict and struggle but with hope for a better future in these divided lands.

The Christian community in the Holy Land represents a physical link between the modern world and the life and times of Christ – they are the ‘living stones’ of our faith.

Since 1998, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has organised the Holy Land Co-ordination. Mandated by the Holy See, it exists to act in solidarity with region’s Christian communities and share in the pastoral life of the local Church as it experiences extreme political and social-economic pressure.

See the website here: http://theholyland.org.uk/

Phil Gibbons spoke with the photographer Marcin Mazur about the exhibition