Jubilee of Mercy


Loving Father,

you are a God of mercy and compassion.
We thank you
for sending your Son, Jesus, into our world
to show and teach us how to love.
When we walk through the
Door of Mercy during this Holy Year,
may we open our hearts to you
so that we may reflect your love, mercy
and compassion in our families,
communities and parishes.
May we walk with Jesus
through the ‘streets of Galilee’,
comforting the sick, opening our arms
to the ‘little ones’, sharing with the poor
and searching out the marginalised in our society.
May it be a year when barriers between us fall
and reconciliation becomes possible:
a year when our faith in your mercy
is strengthened and we learn
how to be your face of mercy in our world.

The Jubilee of Mercy given to us by Pope Francis invites us to contemplate the mercy of God revealed to us in the face of Jesus, his Son. Keeping our eyes fixed and focused on him, the Holy Father leads us as a community of faith to ponder, learn, understand, and experience the steadfast love of the Lord, to encounter once again the tender love of God, and to be filled with the knowledge of his boundless love for us.  Knowing that love, understanding and experiencing that love and mercy, Pope Francis is bidding us reflect, then, on how we might better radiate and reflect the mercy of God into our world. He beckons us into a kind of ‘school’ of mercy through the pilgrimage of the Jubilee so that we might be converted by God’s tender love in order to be mercy for our world and for all people.

This is a Jubilee of welcome, of belonging, of accompanying others as they draw near to encounter Gods love for them. Through our crossing of a threshold, we move into deeper communion with God… but it’s a threshold that we cross ourselves, first, and then accompany others, too, in their desire to find – in God – gentleness, forgiveness, boundless love and mercy.

Beginning on 8 December 2015 and closing on 20 November 2016, this Year of Mercy may be a real opportunity for us to rediscovery the beauty of knowing the friendship of Christ and to seek to draw others into that loving friendship. 

This section of our diocesan website is devoted to accompanying us on our journey through the Jubilee offering us resources, links, and also giving us details of how as a diocesan community we are marking the Holy Year, as well as celebrating the initiatives taking place across the diocese in our parish communities.

Find out what’s happening in the Clifton Diocese and Nationally here

Bishop Declan opened the Jubilee of Mercy at Clifton cathedral on Wednesday 8.

On Sunday 5 December, we had three people talking on BBC Radio stations about the Jubilee of mercy and about the opening of the doors. You can hear a compilation of these interviews below. It starts with Sarah Richards talking with Richard Atkins from BBC Radio Gloucestershire.:

YOM Cathedral launch 2 YOM Cathedral launch 3 YOM Cathedral launch 4

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