Safeguarding team


Diocesan safeguarding commission

The Diocese has a Safeguarding Commission chaired by an Independent lay person with extensive experience in working with children and vulnerable adults.
Other members of the Commission come from a range of relevant professional backgrounds such as Social Care, the Police, Health, Probation and Clergy.
The Commission oversees and guides the work of the Safeguarding Team, ensuring the correct implementation of Policy and Procedures. It is accountable to the Bishop and Trustees.

Current members are:-

  • Steve Livings (Commission Chair)
  • Louise Gordon (Vice Chair)
  • Mary Hopper (Counsellor and Lay Chaplain)
  • Rev Richard McKay (Clergy Advisor)
  • Andrew Bond (Medical Representative)
  • Deacon Paul Brandon (Clergy safeguarding representative)
  • Karen McKeown (Probation Link)

Diocesan safeguarding team:-

The Safeguarding Team currently consists of a Safeguarding Coordinator, Safeguarding Officer, Safeguarding Support & Administration Officer and a Safeguarding and Safe Recruitment Administrator.

Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Manages the safeguarding functions within the Diocese, dealing with allegations of abuse, the implementation of policy and procedures, overseeing safer recruitment and training for Clergy, volunteers and employees.

Safeguarding Officer: Deals with allegations of abuse alongside the Safeguarding Coordinator and implements the national training standards in the Clifton Diocese for Clergy, Parish Reps and volunteers which is overseen by the Safeguarding Coordinator.

Safeguarding Support and Administrator Officer: Provides secretarial support to the Safeguarding Coordinator, Safeguarding Officer and the Safeguarding Commission. Oversees the safer recruitment in the office and provides training on the safer recruitment process/DBS process to the Parish Reps.

Safeguarding and Safe Recruitment Administrator: Ensures that all employees, Clergy and volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults are appointed in accordance with the requirements of safer recruitment and the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Contact details:-

  • Safeguarding Coordinator: Liam Ring
  • Tel: 0117 954 0993
  • Safeguarding Officer: Becky Cawsey
  • Tel: 0117 954 0993
  • Safeguarding Support and Administration Officer: Beci Monks
  • Tel: 0117 954 0993
  • Part-Time Safeguarding and Safe Recruitrment Administrator Emma Kayne
  • Alexander House, 160 Pennywell Road, Bristol BS5 0TX
  • Tel: 0117 9025597

Purpose of the Office for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults:
To work for the protection and safety of all children and vulnerable adults with whom the Clifton Diocese has contact or for whom it has responsibility; to ensure that the diocese functions in accord with relevant national legislation and guidelines; to enact the policies of the Bishops’ Conference expressed in Lord Nolan’s Report and as formulated by the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS).

The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission

The Commission has fifteen members. In implementing the recommendations of “Safeguarding with Confidence” there is a lay chair, appointed by CBCEW and CoR, and two vice chairs; a bishop appointed by the CBCEW and a Religious appointed by the CoR. The remaining members come from a variety of backgrounds both in and outside the Church. They bring together a wide range of knowledge, skill and expertise in safeguarding matters, and in state and canon law.