Schools & Colleges


Department Manager: Mrs Jenny Fitzgerald

Director for Schools and Colleges: Mrs Colleen Collett B.Ed.

Deputy Director: Mrs Ann Fowler BSc MA

Strategic Officer for Governance: Bill McEntee

Office Administrator: Graham Tiley

Schools and Colleges website

Alexander House, 160 Pennywell Road, Bristol BS5 0TX
Tel: 0117 902 5593   Fax: 0117 902 5520

The department has three main roles:
Advise and act for the Bishop and trustees on all matters pertaining to schools and colleges.
Advise and support the schools of the diocese in carrying out their mission as Catholics.
Provide information and advice to the Catholic community on the provision of Catholic education and access to it.

The Schools and Colleges department has its own website that has newsletters and links on

We want to let everyone know what happens in the Curia offices within the Clifton Diocese, who the staff are and why everyone is key to supporting the Mission of the Church.

Below is a short video that highlights Bill Mcentee who is the Strategic Officer for Governance for the Schools and Colleges department.