Clifton Diocese Directory 2017

The Clifton Diocese Directory 2016 contains practical contact details. Our book illustrates the wide range of social and community activities that involve the Catholic Church in the West of England. The directory is now in its 65th year of publication. £5.00

Delivery charge is £2.50 for one book, £4.00 for two books, £6.00 for three books, £8.00 for four books, £9.00 for five books and £10.00 for six or more books.








Clifton Diocese Liturgical Diary 2017

More and more people are using our diary as their main diary. Our highly-regarded publication includes a full liturgical diary (two pages to a week), short hagiographies for all the saints commemorated throughout the year, pastoral guides for the celebration of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Liturgical notes on the commemoration of saints included in the Universal Calendar/Tables of Liturgical Observance/weblinks. It is also a full diary and contains details of special collections for the coming year. £6.00
Delivery charge is £2.50 for one book, £4.00 for two books, £6.00 for three books, £8.00 for four books, £9.00 for five books and £10.00 for six or more books.




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The Diocese of Clifton 1850 – 2000

The definitive history of the Clifton Diocese now exclusively available at the special price of only £5.00. This celebratory history of events and personalities was written by Reverend Dr J A Harding the Diocesan Archivist since 1986. The book contains chapters on the Western District, the Bishops of Clifton, the Cathedral and many parishes of the diocese. Also included are photographs, statistics, eight appendices and an extensive bibliography. ISBN 0-9536689-0-8.

Delivery is included in the price of £5.00



In my Father’s House

The story of St Mary-on-the-Quay, the oldest Catholic Church in Bristol. Written by Dr Kenneth Hankins, the Assistant Diocesan Archivist, the book follows the story of this famous church in the heart of Bristol. The history of the Church which was originally built by the Irvingites in 1840 and the people involved in its life over centuries are recalled in detail. ISBN 0-9522102-0-7.

£6.99  Delivery charge is £2.50 per book.


St Osmund book

St Osmund’s & Catholicism in Salisbury

The history of Catholicism in Salisbury with supporting pictures. A fascinating read which plots the history of this significant area. Written by local historian, John Elliott





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