Lourdes Pilgrimage 2016


Friday 19th- 26th August 2016

On these pages, you will be able to see all the pictures, hear the podcasts and follow the Pilgrims as they enjoy their time in Lourdes.

The Lourdes Pilgrimage theme 2016.

‘Merciful like the father’

“The pastoral theme in Lourdes this year takes up the theme of Mercy, following the inspiring lead of Pope Francis. Normally when authority, including church authority, declares a year of this, or a week of that, or a day of the other, we take absolutely no notice; but this one has worked, for some reason. This is possibly because we live in a thoroughly merciless world (just look at what the newspapers are saying today about politicians or footballers) and we long for that divine quality of compassion. So I think that the Pope is onto something here; and once you start to look for mercy in the Bible, you find it is absolutely everywhere. So God is of the same view”

Fr Nicholas King SJ, Chaplain to the sick


Below is an introduction from Fr Nick King who is preaching all the Homilies this week (apart from the one n Bartres) with the theme of ‘Mercy’

All the homilies can be heard for each day on this page and the relevant pictures from Lourdes can be found by going to the page on the left of this page:

Saturday saw the first gathering of the Pilgrims from the UK. The Gathering Mass was held at St Bernadette Church and the first of several Homilies were given by Fr Nicholas King SJ, Chaplain to the sick.

Grotto Mass Homily:

Penitential Liturgy Homily on Sunday afternoon:

Tuesday saw everyone travel to the nearby town of Bartres. Bishop Declan gavotte Homily:

Mass with the Hospitalite:

Anointing of the sick

Thanksgiving Mass: