Advent Reflections – the Mysteries of the Rosary





The Season of Advent launches us on a beautiful journey of new beginnings. It is a journey of watching and waiting as we long for the Lord to come to set us free. It is a journey of hope and anticipation as we get caught up in the expectation of our celebration of Christ’s birth.

To accompany us on our journey through Advent this year and to make it a season of prayer we offer a series of reflections on the mysteries of the rosary. Each week, Monday to Friday, you will find a reflection-a-day allowing you to ponder the life of Christ in prayerful company of his mother, Mary. Each day offers you something short to read, something artistic to unfold the narrative and the opportunity to journey through the life of Christ.  By deepening prayer we deepen our desire to open ourselves up to welcoming Christ anew. You can click on the link for each day of the weeks of Advent to open up the reflection.

As the light of the Advent wreath in our churches and in our homes grows across these weeks, we pray that Christ’s light may grow in us, that it may warm and encourage us as we long for him to come and make his home within us. Let us allow Mary, Mother of Hope, to remind us to allow God to constantly surprise us and to teach us to allowing him to dwell in our midst. Come, Lord Jesus.


First Week of Advent – The Joyful Mysteries
Reflections by Bishop Crispian Hollis

Monday – The Annunciation

Tuesday – The Visitation

Wednesday – The Nativity

Thursday – The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Friday – The Finding of Jesus in the Temple


Second Week of Advent – The Luminous Mysteries
Reflections by Carmody Grey

Monday – The Baptism in the Jordan

Tuesday – The Marriage at Cana

Wednesday – The Proclamation of the Kingdom

Thursday – The Transfiguration

Friday – The Institution of the Eucharist


Third Week of Advent – The Sorrowful Mysteries
Reflections by Gavin D’Costa

Monday – The Agony in the Garden

Tuesday – The Scourging at the Pillar

Wednesday – The Crowning with Thorns

Thursday – The Carrying of the Cross

Friday – The Crucifixion


Fourth Week of Advent – The Glorious Mysteries
Reflections by Tina Beattie

Monday – The Resurrection

Tuesday – The Ascension

Wednesday – The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Thursday – The Assumption

Friday – The Coronation