Inspiring young community apprentices support sexual abuse centre

A group of young people from St Brendan’s Catholic College in Bristol have  been involved with a National Community Apprentice programme.

Loosely based on the TV series, The Apprentice, Community-Apprentice is an inter-school competition which requires young people to develop, and crucially demonstrate, the competencies most valued by employers.It is run by the Envision organisation.

Our group from St Brendan’s  are the ‘Blame Changers” and their chosen topic is ‘Victim blaming of sexual assault victims’. They are supporting SARSAS, which stands for Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Assault Support. They are currently raising awareness of this issue and are also trying to raise money for their chosen charity.

Further info on SARAS can be found here:

These five students have made a podcast to support their campaign and you can hear that below:

There are five crucial differences top the tv programme however:

  1. Firstly teams of young people compete to make the biggest difference to their community, rather than profit.  

  2. Secondly, young people can only compete, and win, as a team.

  3. Because of this emphasis, Lord Sugar’s role is played by a local leader with responsibility for the quality of life in the city.  In Bristol for example, last year, the role is taken by elected Mayor George Ferguson.  You can watch him issuing his challenge to young people here :

  1. They’re also looking for different traits to those celebrated on the TV programme. These include empathy, communication, resilience and problem solving.

  2. Unlike the TV programme where Karen and Nick are there to spot failings, every team has their own ‘Karen and Nick’ to support them. These are volunteers drawn from local companies (click here to get involved) who help students reflect on their experiences and evidence their skills development.