Living with Dementia: A Journey of Accompaniment

On Tuesday 23 May, there is an opportunity to spend some time focusing on ‘Living with Dementia – a journey of accompaniment’ with Dr Adrian Treloar.

Dr Adrian is a consultant and senior lecturer in old age psychiatry, caring for the elderly with particular needs and concerns. He is a Catholic and works to promote a holistic care and support of those who live with dementia as well as accompanying those who support and care for them. His visit to Clifton hopes to deepen and enrich our understanding of dementia and offer us the opportunity to explore how we might accompany others on their journey.

The day at St Joseph’s Home, Cotham Hill, Bristol, will start at 7pm. This is a chance for members of parish communities either to explore how we might accompany those living with dementia and to how best to walk with their families and carers, or to find support in our own families because we are caring for someone with dementia. This evening is open to all with refreshments available from 6.30pm.