Revised “Hail Holy Queen” to be performed at the Glastonbury Pilgrimage this Sunday

By Martin Le Poidevin:

One of the songs we will be singing at the Glastonbury Pilgrimage is “Hail Holy Queen”. I wrote this song many years ago, but have revised it recently to include a flute part, a descant and harmony. It is a version of the much-loved Salve Regina, a hymn to Our Lady. The song’s refrain is “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of all mercies, our life, our sweetness and our Hope”, and it was this final thought – of Mary as our hope – which resonated with us as we were chosing the music for this year’s Pilgrimage.

The verses, familiar from the Salve Regina, ask Mary to help us as we pass through this “vale of tears” and call on her to “Show us your blessed Son, the fruit of your womb”, as well as calling her “O gentle, O loving, O sweet virgin”.

The choir at the Glastonbury Pilgrimage is made up from singers around the Diocese. Anyone is free to come and join the choir – most of the music for the Mass and Procession is well-known, and we’ll have a quick run-through of the less well known songs at 1.30 in the Abbey grounds.

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