Weston super Mare parishioners transform communities this Harvest season

Corpus Christi parishioners have been fundraising to help poor farmers in San Salvador grow enough food to eat. On Friday, 6th October 2017, churchgoers from Corpus Christi parish, Weston super Mare raised £885.45 for CAFOD’s annual Harvest appeal. The parish added more from its tithe fund so the Parish in the end sent a cheque for £1219.14 to CAFOD.

The very first Family Fast Day was held 57 years ago, on Friday 11 March 1960, when funds were raised for a mother and baby clinic in the Dominican Republic.  This year, Harvest Fast Day was held on Friday, 6th October 2017 in support of CAFOD who are working in partnership with a local support group, Solidaridad CVX.   Together CAFOD and Solidaridad CVX are working with local farmers by providing them with training.  Importantly, native seeds used generations ago are being introduced. These indigenous seeds are strong and fertile having evolved in this region over millennia to be able to grow well in the warm, rainy San Salvador climate. This ensures that the farmers will be able to harvest crops, enabling them to gain the self-confidence and ability to provide their families both with food and a modest income.

Alongside fundraising, the parish is also planting seeds to symbolise their growing relationship with farmers overseas, like those in the Latin American country of El Salvador.

The organiser, Chris Davies says “This is a tribute to God’s bounty and is also to the benefit of an extremely worthy cause”.

CAFOD’s representative here in the Clifton Diocese Elizabeth Baldwin said:

“Harvest is a time of abundance of both crops and of life in the community. This event has shown the abundance of compassion in Weston.  Its kindness will help communities in El Salvador and around the world.

“Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was assassinated after he spoke out for the poor people of El Salvador, said: ‘We plant the seeds that one day will grow’. Our Harvest appeal is about literally planting seeds but also about standing with people to ensure that they can prosper. This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of communities like Weston super Mare.”

You can still donate to the Lent Appeal at cafod.org.uk/harvest