A Year with St Mark

Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Bishop Declan’s predecessor) who was ordained bishop on the feast of St Mark, suggested that Mark’s Gospel was written for people in a hurry! It is the shortest of the four gospels and allows the reader of his good news to be taken up in the sheer energy and urgency of Jesus’ preaching, his ministry of healing, and his bringing in of God’s kingdom.

The new liturgical year which begins on the First Sunday of Advent (December 2017) means that Sunday by Sunday we pick up a reading of St Mark’s Gospel for the next twelve months (with a little gap allowing us to read St John’s sixth chapter in the summer). During this journey through our diocesan Year of Mission, there is an encouragement to read, pray and reflect upon Mark’s gospel and allow ourselves to be drawn every deeper into the life of a disciple called to echo the mission of Jesus. This series of monthly reflections was written by Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB, a monk of Ampleforth Abbey, for a Bristol parish three years ago. Its offered by way of helping each of us in our re-reading of the gospel of St Mark. Hopefully, it will help bring life to Mark’s story of Jesus and allow you to read it with fresh understand and an eagerness to walk closer to the Lord who calls each of us to be his disciples.